My tuition is designed to meet the specific needs of individual pupils. It is, therefore, not possible to give an exact figure for the fees before meeting the pupil and determining their needs, as well as the time available for us to meet those needs.  Fees will be agreed at the first meeting or immediately afterwards.  Generally they will remain unchanged for the remainder of that academic year, but may change if tuition continues into another year, and especially if the level changes.

The following figures are given as broad indicators of the range of hourly rates for tuition during 2017-2018:

Juniors (Years 3 to 6): £22 - £34

Lower Secondary (Years 7 to 9): £28 - £36

GCSE (Years 10 and 11): £33 -  £38

AS and A-Level (Years 12 and 13): £35 - £45

Pupils coming through agencies which charge me commission will be at the top end of these scales.  Students who pay the agencies for an introduction will pay lower fees to me.  Fees for tuition at a higher lever (undergraduate), or under different circumstances, will depend very much on the specific requirements but will be agreed beforehand.

For younger pupils, shorter tuition periods may be more appropriate. Conversely, older students may prefer longer sessions - particularly just before their exams. Fees will be calculated accordingly.  Fees are payable at the end of each tuition unless agreed otherwise.  If fees remain outstanding beyond a week, then I may terminate tuition.

Absences and cancellations

I will not charge for lessons that are missed due to illness or because of other commitments provided I am notified at least 24 hours in advance.  I would prefer earlier notification but I am aware that there will be occasions when that is not possible.  However, if cancellations are persistent I may require you to pay up to 50% of the fee for missed lessons.

I will try to give you as much notice as I can in the event that I have to cancel.  If you wish, I will try to find an alternative time that is mutually convenient.