What's Different?

There are many maths tutors on the scene so why pick me? What have I got that they haven't?


First, and foremost, I am passionate about mathematics, and about bringing the joy of mathematics to pupils.

Explaining the Rationale

I help pupils understand what they are doing and why they have to follow certain procedures.  This deeper understanding enables my pupils to tackle questions posed in different ways as well as more challenging questions.  This is becoming increasingly important under the 9-1 scheme.

There are some themes that feature in examinations year after year, including some common "traps".  My aim is to ensure that my pupils know about them and so can take full advantage. 

Tailored learning, 1-to-1 teaching

I find out the pupil's strengths and aspirations, and identify areas where help is needed.  I build on the pupil's strengths to address those areas where the pupil is less able.  Some pupils enjoy mathematics but for some it is a subject that has to be endured in order to get ahead in school.  My tailored teaching takes account of the differing needs and preferred learning style.  This forms the basis of my programme of tuition.

I help pupils to build on their strengths so that usually they can successfully tackle exam questions which are graded above their expected level.  This also helps rebuild self-confidence.


I aim to be flexible in terms of the length of the session as well as the number of sessions per week so that I can accommodate pupil's needs - especially nearer their exams.  I continuously review each pupil's understanding and progress, and change the tutoring programme accordingly.

Tuition can usually start right away. At the start of each planned session we can discuss any issues with my homework or whatever is currently being taught in mathematics at school.