I work with pupils with a wide range of abilities and with very different aspirations.  Some struggle with maths and are simply aiming to get through GCSE so that they are then able to pursue their chosen subject while others are already on course for a good grade but want better, possibly to get a place at a top college or university.  In such circumstances, it makes no sense to publish a table of results that my pupils achieved because that would not reflect the value that I added.  Unfortunately there are no reliable "before-and-after" comparisons that I can publish. 

During the academic year 2017-18, I worked with 35 pupils.  These included several siblings of pupils from earlier years which is a measure of how the older siblings and their parents view my contribution.  I will now let my more recent former pupils (or their parents) speak on my behalf.

  • Upon failing my teacher training entry maths test the first two times, I sought the aid of Anand in the hope he could help me pass on my third attempt.  This would avoid being locked out of teacher training for two years.  Anand made me feel so relaxed, constantly giving me things to work on and helpful resources to use outside of tutoring.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their maths!  [AH, QTS Maths, 2018].

  • Throughout my years of needing a maths teacher, I had constantly changed as none were very well suited for me. However with Anand, that was a different story! I remained with him throughout my GCSEs year and managed to get an A (predicted a B), he’s very devoted and will answer any questions, if not on the spot, he will work till he finds an answer and explain it to you out of lessons!  Amazing, thank you.  [EP, GCSE, 2017].

  • Once again, many, many thanks! Interestingly, two students who were well ahead of me from September through to January who hadn’t received individual tuition both achieved a Grade 6. There is no doubt, that coupled with hard work, your lessons brought me up several grades. I’m enormously grateful.  [NC, GCSE, 2017].

  • Thank you so much for all your help over the last 2 years.  It has helped me, not just with my maths ability but also my confidence and approaches when tackling problems.  You're a brilliant teacher/tutor!  Really appreciate it ...  [CA, A2 level, 2017].

  • I got into my first choice for uni so thank you very much for all the help and guidance, I still can't believe I got an A in mechanics! so thank you.  [FK, A2 level, 2016].

  • I wanted to let you know that I got my C in my Maths and I'm so over the moon.  Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. I'm off to ... College of Art and I wouldn't [have] got there without you!  [EW, GCSE, 2016].

  • She got a B!!! Thank you do much for everything you did to help her get this.  Beyond all expectations.  [Parent of MB, GCSE, 2016].

  • Anand is a very calm presence as a teacher who showed a genuine desire right from the beginning to understand my son’s particular needs in relation to maths.

    I would recommend his approach to anyone who is looking for an experienced tutor with the ability to put himself in his student’s shoes.  [Parent of EC, GCSE due Summer 2016].

  • ... you helped BC with his GCSE maths.  A belated thank you.  BC got a A* for Maths and an A for Further Maths.  Results speak for themselves particularly as it was touch and go whether or not BC would take his Further Maths. [Parent of BC, GCSE, 2015].

  • You will be pleased to hear I NEVER have to do maths again as I got a C!! in my GCSEs.   I was really pleased with my results!  Thank you so much for being my tutor: if it wasn't for you I would not have got that C!!!  I'm now studying [subject at college] and I'm really enjoying it!  I hope everything is good for you!

Once again, thank you so much -it's such a real relief to know that maths will no longer be on my mind!!!  Such a brilliant tutor!!  [TW, GCSE, 2015].

  • I have been with Anand for the last two years and during that time he has helped me to become a confident Maths student who is able to tackle difficult problems. Anand has endless patience and a great understanding on all the topics that I needed to cover. I am extremely happy to have come out with an A* at A level, which I needed for University. [AG, A2 level Maths with Further Maths, 2015].

  • So, a very big thank you to you Anand. I know that your help made all the difference to CB passing the [...Schools' Entrance] Exams, and really tightened up his exam technique. I am so delighted we found you! I would definitely like you to have weekly tutor sessions again with CB around the time of the Common Entrance Exams, just to keep him focused and on track. CB enjoyed your sessions and is very willing to come back as and when he needs to. [Parent of CB, 12+Entrance Exam Candidate, Winter 2014].

  • I ended up with an A in Maths getting 481 UMS in total with 71 in S2.  Thanks for the help you gave me.  [DM, A2 level, Summer 2013].

  • I got 78/100 in C4 which is a high B, 2 marks off an A! and 75 in C2. Really happy with those results and got accepted at Manchester.  Thanks for everything, I could not have done it without your help.  [MM, A2 level, June 2013].

  • I got an A in Stats!!!!! 93% thank you so much! Also got an A in C1 86% and a B in C3 76%!!!!!  [BA, AS, Winter 2013].  I'm very happy with my results. I got ABB overall with the A in maths. Completely unexpected! Thank you for all your help! [BA, A2 level Summer 2103].

  • I wanted you to be the first to know about my results. ... In Maths I got a B, with
    100/100 ums marks in c1 (a)
    69/100 ums marks in c2 (c) -> 1 mark off a B
    66/100 ums marks in s1 (c) ->  4 marks off a B
    This adds up to 235/300 ums marks which is equal to a B, so I am 5 marks off an A.  I am so thankful for all your support, advice and help and will definitely start this year with your tuition in Maths !!  [MA, AS level, Summer 2013].

  • TS got an average of D in all his 4 subjects  It is worth noting though that his only B mark was the Pure Maths.  You have been a very good teacher to him.  He would probably get even better if he had more lessons with you.  Thank you very much for your help.  [Mother of TS, AS level, May 2013].

  • CJ received B grade (314) for GCSE Maths.  He really aimed for A, but missed by few points.  But we think he did really well.  Thanks you for all your help and encouragement.  [Mother of CJ, GCSE, Summer 2013].

  • Got a C! So happy!".  [EM, GCSE, Spring 2013].  I would like to thank you so much for your help with [her]. ... You have been the perfect find in helping [her] to believe in herself.  [EM's mother]. 

  • I got 100% in M1 and 87% in C4.  I got into Bristol Uni to study pharmacology, which is what I wanted.  Thank you for everything, you were a great tutor.

I am very proud mother and my personal thanks to your dedication to your tutees' success.  You are a gifted teacher.  Thank you very much [DK and mother, A2 level, Summer 2012].

  • Anand is a really good tutor, and he helped me to get high grades for my Statistics and Maths GCSEs.  He helped me cover the syllabus, and I felt I was really well-prepared for the exams; he went over lots of practice papers with me.

We (her parents) would add that we were very impressed by Anand Mehta's teaching and commitment to his students. He is very approachable, spent a lot of time making sure our daughter had got to grips with the syllabus, and we know that she enjoyed her Maths lessons with him and has come to enjoy the whole subject.  As a result she became a much more confident Mathematician and has now decided to do Maths at A/AS level.  [RWH and parents, GCSE, June 2012]. 

  • My daughter struggled with Maths.  She used to get 40-50 per cent in tests, which lowered her confidence in her ability to succeed.  She only had a few sessions with Anand in the weeks before her GCSE, and always came home feeling happier and more confident.  She even enjoyed going there.  She also had a couple of sessions on Statistics.  She was thrilled and surprised to end up with an A star in Maths and an A in GCSE Statistics.  Thanks Anand. [Parent of LB, GCSE Summer 2012].

  • Hi Anand Just to let you know EJs ... achieved a B in Maths.  Well done to her and a big thanks to you.  Happy days.  [Parent of EJJ, GCSE Summer 2012].

  • JB retook his Maths GCSE and result just in – B so very pleased.  Thank you from both of us.  [Mother of JB, GCSE, Spring 2012].

  • In my dissertation [which required statistical work] I got 67% so only 3% off a 1st!  This was much better than I could have imagined and was largely down to your help! Overall for my degree I received a 2/1 which I am very happy with. Thank you for all your help!  [CG, BSc Geography, Exeter University, 2011].

  • I got an A!!!  I got 89 UMS in C2 and 69 UMS in C4!  which means I got into my first choice :). Thank you so much for all of your help, you really helped me actually understand a lot of the Maths so that really helped me do well.  Thank you so much again!  [JH, A2 Levels, Summer 2011].

  • I got an A for my Maths and A in Statistics so I'm very happy with that!  And overall I'm very pleased so thank you for all your help. [EH, GCSE, Summer 2011].

  • We are writing to you to thank you for the excellent work you did with FP.  He achieved an overall Maths mark of 81% and, as a result of his overall performance, he has been offered a Senior School Academic Scholarship. [FP, 13+ Common Entrance Exam, Summer 2011].